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Where are you from?
Northern Kentucky/Cincinatti area.

Where are you living now?
Crown Heights.

Who, and what, has influenced you?
Music & film are big influences in my life. The entertainment industry is what made me decide I wanted to do hair. I always had an interest in acting but knew I needed a steady career so that I could provide for myself. Hair seemed like the best way to have both a great career and a creative outlet. I trained at Spoke and Wheel in Chicago and New York and my educators Siobhan and Jay were also big influences in the way I approach my work.  They taught me the importance of precision, while allowing me to use intuition and feeling as a tool.  I approach each haircut as if I am making a sculpture.  This education was priceless and I will forever be grateful for what I learned.

Where do you find inspiration?
My biggest inspiration comes from the world around me; my friends, film, fashion.  Music videos are probably my number one though, I am always inspired by musicians interpretations of their music in video form. Brooklyn is also a big inspiration for me, the culture this neighborhood has is unmatched. 

Who is your dream client?
My dream client is Kehlani. They have the most perfect hair and seem like the most down to earth person I could ever have in my chair.

  • Cut $115
  • Short Cut/Barbering $75
  • Bang Trim $25
  • New Bangs $45
  • Short Half Cut Contact Us
  • Blow Dry $75
  • Iron Work Add-On $30