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Where are you from?
Miami, Florida.

Where are you living now?
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Who, and what, has influenced you in your life and career?
Previous to getting my hands in hair, I’d been performing comedy and acting professionally in New York City and Los Angeles.  Preparing for hair and make-up was always what I looked forward to the most.  The ability to be completely creative visually was always exciting and incredibly freeing.  The polished feeling when everything came together was the moment I always felt the best and in return, performed the best.  It’s a feeling that is almost indescribable and truly infectious.  I became curious, so I got a front desk job at Bumble and bumble Salon just to see what the world of hair was about, and I got sucked in immediately.  It’s an incredibly rewarding marriage of endless creativity while making people feel like the best versions of themselves.  I quickly went to cosmetology school and did my apprenticeship at Whiteroom. My colleagues along the way are who inspired me and continue to inspire me daily both in front of and beyond the chair.  

Where do you find inspiration?
So much of my inspiration comes from music.  Some of the best musicians have the best, most interesting hairstyles. Some favorite musicians with hair I find myself fawning over are Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, Stevie Knicks, Dolly Parton, Amy Winehouse, and my main man Curt Cobain.  

There's also no limit of inspiration when living in New York City.  I’m constantly surrounded by people from every corner of the world and find inspiration daily.

Who is your dream client?
My dream client is Gilda Radner.  She was absolutely hilarious and had iconic curly hair!   Cutting shags are my favorite and I'd only dream of cutting one on her.  Also Tony Hawk and Tom Delonge would be dream clients as well.  Not because they have great hair but simply because they are so cool.

  • Cut $115
  • Short Cut/Barbering $75
  • Bang Trim $25
  • New Bangs $45
  • Short Half Cut Contact Us
  • Blow Dry $75
  • Iron Work Add-On $30