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Where are you from?
Reston, Virginia

Where are you living now?

Who and what has influenced you?
I’ve always enjoyed having my hands in a head of hair as far back as I can remember. I didn’t fully come to realize my love for it until i took cosmetology in high school and the passion and knowledge my teacher had, influenced me to go all the way and that’s exactly what i did, i graduated high school with my diploma and my cosmetology license and worked at a local salon besides stylist who had been doing hair for 25+ years and absorbed everything i could by watching them in my free time in my first few months on the floor and throughout my 6 years there. Im influenced by my surroundings, my friends, the youth, the future, i love to know what’s the next trend in our industry.

Where do you find inspiration?
I’m inspired by my people, people of color and black queer people. A culture that dates back before I was even born. Majority of my friends are queer and not a single one of them look like the other. Our fashion and our language so expressive and versatile and interchangeable. Some of my biggest fashion and hair inspirations are my own friends. Their DIY, haircuts and color and the way they wear them proudly warms my heart. I’m inspired by whoever sits in my chair, you can learn so much about someone from the consultation alone. I want everyone that sits in my chair to feel 100% comfortable and trust me with their hair as if we were friends.

Who is your dream client?
My dream client is someone with a challenge, something out of my comfort zone, what’s the point of doing hair if it’s easy, there’s no fun in that. Oh and Lady Gaga. 

  • Single Process Roots $125
  • Single Process Roots + Ends $170
  • Gloss $100
  • Quarter Highlight $195
  • Partial Highlight $230
  • Full Highlight $280
  • Full Highlight with extra blonding $380
  • Double Process Bleach / Roots only $215
  • First time all over Bleach Consultation Required
  • Color Correction Consultation Required