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David Mallett

Conditioner No. 1 L'hydratation

Conditioner No. 1 L'hydratation

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In adverse weather and environmental conditions, hair becomes more demanding. Conditioner No.1: L’HYDRATATION provides it with an extra moisture kick.


Lifestyle magazine Grazia acknowledged the L’HYDRATATION range with its Beauty Award and called it ‘a hair product that heralds a new era’. Conditioner No.1: L’HYDRATATION is completely fragrance-free, thus reflecting the ultimate essence of David Mallett’s credo: ‘Only add what’s really necessary!’

Its highly effective care formula has a creamy consistency. It penetrates the hair cuticle and locks in moisture, strengthening the hair structure from inside whilst preventing residue build-up and facilitating styling. Conditioner No.1: L’HYDRATATION is fragrance-free and is therefore suitable for even the most sensitive or allergic scalps.

The main active ingredient in Conditioner No.1: L’HYDRATATION is Keravis, a plant protein complex with a chemical composition that enables penetration right into the hair cortex. It strengthens from inside, smoothing the follicle. Hair is left silky-soft with an incredible shine.

Conditioner No.1: Massage L’HYDRATATION into wet, washed hair – comb through, leave to work, comb again and rinse thoroughly. For very damaged hair, conditioner can be left on for up to 20 minutes.

Conditioner No.1: L’HYDRATATION can be used daily after washing with Shampoo No.1: L’HYDRATATION. When used together, both products from the L’HYDRATATION range achieve results that last even longer.

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