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David Mallett

Spray No. 2 Le Volume

Spray No. 2 Le Volume

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Spray No.2: LE VOLUME makes hair noticeably stronger with added volume. It is given new vitality and a silky shine. Used daily, it provides lasting volume and brings a touch of glamour to every hairstyle.

The main active ingredient in Spray No.2: LE VOLUME is Japanese nori extract. It is rich in proteins, vitamins A, C and B12 and trace elements. As a result, it plays a key role in restoring youthful resilience to limp hair.

Spray No.2: LE VOLUME has regenerative properties which reach deep into the roots, leaving hair sleek with a captivating shine. It enables practically limitless styling.

Spritz Spray No.2: LE VOLUME to the roots of washed, towel-dried hair. Comb through to spread evenly. Do not rinse! Apply a little more over the finished style. This light finish gives hair definition and hold.

For a great evening look and to achieve a maximum of volume, work Spray No.2: LE VOLUME into towel-dried hair. To create lift from the roots, gently massage the scalp. Then pre-dry hair upside down, blow-dry and style.
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