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Where are you from?
NYC, born and raised.

Where are you living now?

Who, and what, has influenced you?
My love of hair, and all things color, began at a really young age, but it wasn’t until I attended college and realized the corporate world was not for me that I decided to pursue a career in it. I’ve been lucky enough to train under some truly incredible colorists over the years in downtown Manhattan. They helped me develop an eye for detail and to hone my craft.I’m influenced by everything and everyone around me...my parents, my peers, music and film, fashion, graffiti, the streets of New York.

Where do you find inspiration?
So much of my inspiration comes from fashion and art. Vivianne Westwood is one of my favorite designers—her clothes are always a work of art. I love that she defies gender norms and can effortlessly create something that’s so punk/edgy and eccentric while still being so feminine and pretty. That juxtaposition is always something I‘m attracted to. Yaoyoi Kusama is another favorite of mine...her patterns are absolutely mesmerizing.Hearing my parents tell stories of being in New York in the 70s and 80s are also always a good source of inspiration for me as well, I’d love to have been able to spend some time in that era.

Who is your dream client?
Someone who comes in with their own creative, or maybe even “weird” vision for their hair. Especially if it’s something new and different from my usual aesthetic. Hair color is such a personal thing and when someone is so confident in their style that they just want to go for it...that’s always the most enjoyable behind-the-chair experience for me. To be able to walk away from a client having seen something from a new perspective is a gift.

Also, this one always gets a laugh, but...Dennis Rodman.

  • Single Process Roots $140
  • Single Process Roots + Ends $195
  • Gloss $115
  • Quarter Highlight $215
  • Partial Highlight $260
  • Full Highlight $320
  • Full Highlight with extra blonding $420
  • Double Process Bleach / Roots only $275
  • First time all over Bleach Consultation Required
  • Color Correction Consultation Required