Marta Baran

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Where are you from?
Tarrytown, NY

Where are you living now?
Westchester, NY

Who, and what has influenced you?
I started in the hair industry after attending college in New Orleans. I was a Visual Arts major with a concentration in drawing and painting, though I quickly realized that college was not for me. I wanted to do something that could utilize my knowledge of color theory, while having a more personal connection with people. After dropping out and waitressing for a few years I decided to enroll in Cosmetology School. I always loved playing around with hair and makeup, even before college, so it seemed like the perfect career change. It married my love of human connection with the Arts.

I started working in a salon on the weekends while I put myself through Cosmetology school and just absorbed as much as I could until I made the move to NYC. I trained for three and half years at Mizu salon on the Upper East Side under master colorists from Bumble and bumble, Vidal Sassoon and Arrojo. I have always been inspired by my peers at work as well as my clients. I am always looking to learn.

I feel that as an artist I should always want to improve my craft, so I bring that attitude everywhere I go. I have been very lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people over the years that have all contributed to my personal growth as a colorist, and as a professional behind the chair.

Where do you find inspiration?
I think New York is such an amazing, multi-faceted place. Inspiration is all around me every day. I am fascinated with 1970’s and 1980’s New York: the culture, the fashion, the music. I love that it was such a radical time in history, women’s empowerment and a time of expression and breaking boundaries. I think we are going through another political revolution now, so it’s definitely influenced our industry in a similar fashion. It makes my job so much more fun when my clients are unapologetically who they are.

Who is your dream client?
I absolutely LOVE any form of blonde, balayage, platinum and everywhere in between. Give me a cutie with a shag and I’ll make it look like they just came back from a three month vacation on the beach. Having a painting and drawing background has also made doing creative colors so much fun for me. I would love to get complete free rein on a blank white canvas; I have an endless list of color combinations that I would love to bring to life!

  • Single Process Roots $160
  • Single Process Roots + Ends $215
  • Double Process Roots $315
  • Gloss $115
  • Quarter Highlight $230
  • Partial Highlight $290
  • Full Highlight $340
  • Full Highlight with extra blonding $640
  • Double Process Bleach / Roots only $275
  • First time all over Bleach Consultation Required
  • Color Correction Consultation Required