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David Mallett

Hair Serum

Hair Serum

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After three years of development, the 27th recipe was finally just right! Hair Serum #DM027 is absorbed immediately and leaves all hair types feeling wonderfully light without weighing them down.

The main active ingredient in the Hair Serum #DM027 is macadamia nut oil. Rich in palmitoleic acid, it restores and invigorates dull, dehydrated hair. This omega-7 fatty acid smoothes and seals the hair cuticle, preserving moisture and nutrients. It protects hair from the inside out, providing fresh vitality and a natural, silky shine.

Hair Serum #DM027 gives hair definition and structure whilst protecting against sun, wind and negative environmental influences. It can smooth or accentuates curls, stabilises hair colour and facilitates combing.

For normal hair, apply two to three pumps (for dry hair, more) over towel-dried hair and use the fingertips to work through the entire length of the hair. Blow-dry or leave to dry naturally.

For fresh, natural curls, David Mallett recommends applying Hair Serum #DM027, dividing the hair into three or four strands, twirling and briefly blow-drying. Use your fingers to finish the style.

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