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David Mallett

Volume Powder

Volume Powder

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VOLUME POWDER is the perfect product to create long lasting volume and natural bounce, thanks to the effect of tropical bamboo. Simply apply to the roots of the dry hair and work the roots with your fingertips.

“Using our Volume Powder is like dusting your hair with 1960’s volume’”

The active agent that provides long-lasting volume and natural bounce in VOLUME POWDER is tropical Bamboo. The special characteristics of bamboo fibres are strength and lightness – the main reasons why bamboo is often used in architecture as a highperformance material, for example.In our formula, it serves to reinforce the hair’s structure. When applied to the roots, it provides incredible reinforcement and structure, driving off extra humidity in the hair and allowing it to have bounce, freshness and volume.

VOLUME POWDER has a subtle green-tea fragrance and the product is entirely free of allergens.

The application of our VOLUME POWDER is also revolutionary: you can now apply a loose and airy powder just like a liquid product. With a pocket-sized container, you can work the style and volume of your hair by simply dusting the powder directly onto dry hair using the pump dispenser whish is inspired by small carry-on perfume flacons and lipsticks and makes it easy to apply the powder to your hair, while you control the result by controlling the roots with your fingertips.

The dispenser gives a right dosage to increase root volume and provides hair with the sought-after 1960s style lift – for that magic touch à la Brigitte Bardot.
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